Image Of Genitalia On Full Body Scanner Led To Assault, Police Say

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    "Negrin had been embarrassed and enraged by constant ribbing from his colleagues after a training session with a "Whole Body Imaging" machine, according to the police affidavit.

    "The X-ray revealed [Negrin] has a small penis and co-workers made fun of him on a daily basis," according to the report."


    Jesus, the poor guy. :) Now everyone on the planet knows this guy has a small penis. If he was that embarrassed just about his coworkers knowing, I can't imagine how he feels having "Rolando Negrin has a small penis" splashed in news stories all over the internet and TV news. (That's how I heard about this: it was on my local news. It happened 2000 miles away!)
    • I can't get this poor guy out of my head. I mean, yes, he beat someone with his baton and that's very bad, and if he *hadn't* done that, his face wouldn't be plastered all over TV and the internet with the caption "This fellow, Rolando Negrin has a small penis." But, for me, embarrassment is the one feeling/emotion/sensation that sticks with me *forever*. I've completely gotten over some truly horrible, even horrifying things over the course of my life, and when I think about them now, I feel fine with them. But if I think about an embarrassing thing I did or situation I was in 25 years ago, I *still* feel that embarrassment as acutely as I did when it happened. I honestly can't imagine what life is going to be like for him now. I mean just a few coworkers ribbing him about his penis size made him embarrassed and angry enough to totally snap. Now it's the entire *country*. The newscasters on my local news who were presenting this story were actually laughing at him. This has probably even gotten some international attention.

      This type of scenario is one of my worst nightmares. Honestly, if I was this deeply embarrassed on a national level, I might actually have to kill myself.
      • >Now it's the entire *country*.

        I feel really badly for him too.

        It's the dignity issues that needs to be weighed when deploying extremely privacy invasive technologies like the body scanners. And it's just not happening right now.

        Of course we need to keep terrorists off of planes. But, I'm not convinced that body scanners are the right answer. They get abused, and we put up with it all, why? In all likelihood they wouldn't have caught the underwear guy. And you know what? Body scanners aren't going to catch someone who hide explosives in a body cavity. When that day happens, then what?

        >Honestly, if I was this deeply embarrassed on a national level, I might actually have to kill myself.

        I hope this never happens.

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