Privacy and Civil Rights

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A place to discuss Privacy and Civil Rights, how they have changed in the current political/terrorist climate and experiences you have had that you are concerned about. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Can't send messages  topic
Free speech case winds its way through federal ...  topic
Stingray and assertions of Pen Register update—...  topic
UK Snooper Bill info— The Investigatory Powers Act  topic
Use of ad blockers up + paper out on tracking c...  topic
Another good ruling in support of protecting ce...  topic
FBI contradicts itself on FBI's Stingray NDA  topic
FOI request for info on cellphone shutdown by f...  topic
You might not really own your car…  topic
Another ruling upholding the 4th Amendment!  topic
An example of where this is all headed…  topic
Geert Wilders in Copenhagen : "Muhammad was not...  topic
Stanford Univ course on surveillance law (free)  topic
FBI facial recognition system at “full operatio...  topic
So called "US Freedom Act" isn't going to be ac...  topic
Government hacking—"It's only okay when we do i...  topic
Email providers scanning your emailed images  topic
Some new nasty ransomware  topic
Police Erection Warrant Fizzles  topic
Coroner rules "homocide", video taper arrested—...  topic
"The Beauty of Bagram"  topic
Apple iOS has undocumented APIs that allow almo...  topic
DHS/Immigration database  topic
Gagging anti-copyright "trolling"  topic
SCOTUS and not enough contraceptives  topic

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